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Chat Room Shortcuts

Online bingo has grown at an astonishing rate over recent years, and few people would have predicted that in just a decade it would grow to being one of the biggest industries on the ‘net. In fact, in many jurisdictions it is more popular than online casinos, often held to be the biggest gaming industry on the internet. One of the major reasons for both it’s popularity over online casinos and it’s general rapid growth is because bingo is one of the industries that has managed to introduce a thriving social side into it’s regular games. Whether you’re playing big money pots or free online bingo, you can almost guarantee that the chat rooms will be in full flow.


However, to the uninitiated the string of acronyms and computer spiel that comes out can be confusing, or even distract from the matter at hand – playing the game. So here is a quick list of common chat room abbreviations to help you keep up, and get involved in the conversation. Fencing experts throughout Swansea and Cardiff. We service the whole of South Wales and Gloucester. Contact us for a free quote. Fencing Swansea

- Numbers. If you see someone write just a number, or O and then a number, it probably means that they only need that number to win. This happens a lot, and you shouldn’t let it distract you if you too are close to winning, or even if you both only need the same number.
- Pls. Pls is a common abbreviation for “please”, this could mean that someone is near to a big win, or just desperate for any win.
- GL. Although everyone wants to win, online bingo players are a pretty supportive bunch, so expect to see lots of mutual GLing (good luck) before a big game.
- Wtg/gj. Two alternatives for after someone has won. WTG stands for “Way to Go” whilst GJ stands for “Good Job”.
- TYVM. “Thank you very much” if everyone else is being nice to you, or congratulating you for a good win, it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation.
- GG. “Good game”, although the idea of honor in bingo might seem a touch odd to the uninitiated, sportsmanship – being good at winning and at losing – or just supportive of others is always a good idea, and is usually rewarded with a GG.
- BRB. More standard internet speak for “Be Right Back”, it usually means that the phone has rung or someone needs something to drink, a cup of tea, or maybe something stiffer if they’ve won big.
- LOL and ROFL. Perhaps the two most famous text abbreviations, LOL stands for “laugh out loud”, but you’re more likely to see it if someone says something vaguely funny, whilst ROFL stands for “Rolling on the floor laughing” which is pretty unlikely all things considered, but should only be used when LOL is just not quite enough.


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For a more complete list of internet abbreviations, check out this site.