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The casinos online offer not only the most popular game, but also some exotic games, having a limited number of visitors. As the casino games have become easier to play, more and more people want to enter these games and although luck plays important role in sites of online casino.

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Bingo Strategies

Some people will try to convince you that bingo is a game of blind luck and that there’s no way of increasing your chances of winning. Fortunately, these people are completely wrong, there are ways of improving your chances, and although luck does play a large part, over a protracted period, having the right strategy will play dividends. First of all, make the most of bonus rounds, if you choose to play bingo at Costa Bingo for example, you can enter into games where you stand to win money without having to actually put any cash into the pot – a sure no brainer.


The odds of winning one of these cards, however, is relatively low, so there are some other things you need to do. The first is to play multiple cards. There are split opinions about multiple cards and there’s a certain risk/reward balance that needs to be negotiated.

Consider, for a moment, that you’re playing a huge jackpot game, there’ll be loads of players and having more cards might not be an advantage. Sure two cards gives you twice as many chances of winning as one, but the odds will still be so long that to invest in lots of cards will only be a waste of money.

In smaller casino games, however, more cards can make a huge difference to your chances of winning, but they cost more. So, a good tip is to never go for more than four cards, and to pick your cards carefully.

But how to pick your cards? The first thing you need to do is check out number theory, but in basic terms, good cards will have an equal split between odds and evens, and equal split between highs and lows, and a wide range of numbers that finish with different digits.

Next up, try to play in down times, as the internet has ‘rush hours’ so too do bingo sites. Look for games that have few players, and although they may have smaller prizes, you’re more likely to successfully make money if you get many small wins than the odd big one.

Last of all, look to take advantage of the social side of the game, some chat rooms allow you to play smaller games inside the main one. This is a nice way to earn a few extra pennies, and guarantee some decent banter in the chat rooms.





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